Project Work Thoughts

Bell goes.

You conclude your answer the the  examiner’s question.

“Thank you”, you said, as the double-bell went off.

The examiners conclude, and your oral presentation finishes.

Relief or just excited to start your ‘after OP’ plans?

I was far from that.

Undeniably, my heart felt relieved that the presentation went smooth, and both audience and teachers liked it. I was also re-assured that my script went as planned, no mistakes. Just like the other groups, we took our group shot, boomerang.

But, deeper in my heart I had mixed feelings.


With a project completed, I felt like a part of me felt at a lost for what the next thing to do in life would be. Everyone else seemed to have a list of things to be ticked off the ‘After OP plans’ list. But not me. After spending the year working on my project – Phinder, and the past month drilling daily, the closure of Project Work left me with a lost of purpose.


Truly I am blessed with the best team. So much that I couldn’t bear for Project Work to end because we won’t be in touch so closely anymore. I have done so many projects in my life, but I have never been in a group where members complement each other so well. I think we’re one of the rare groups that have this kind of weird chemistry where we start joking in front of the examiners and cheer for each other before or after a speech and its amazing how similar we think and read each others minds. We were prepared so ahead of time we spent practice time doing funny things like switching and presenting each other’s parts.


Many people will disagree with me, but Project Work has been my favourite subject this year. Everytime a brilliant idea sparked within the group or a brilliant answer to a Q&A question was said, my brain felt happy that I’m learning a different viewpoint or just purely happy we came up with something so wonderful. The learning process has been such a fruitful one and it is one of the subjects where you walk out becoming a better person.


Would it be possible for you to walk out of OP not feeling a sense of relief but a sense of gratitude? Blessed to have had your members with you on this journey. Blessed for all you have learnt. Blessed for all you have taken away.

I wouldn’t say my group mates are the best people for PW, neither am I, but the way we complement each other makes my group perfect to me. I admit that my group is one stronger bonds around. This led me to question, “Why?”. I’m proposing a few reasons. Firstly, looking at the situation technically, everyone shouldered a different kind of responsibility. This made it such that if anyone slacked or did not put in their best effort, a part of our project would slide, which will burden the team. As a result, everyone made sure to keep up. This leads to my second reason. The second reason would be that my group was slightly ahead of the rest. Because we finished our various components a lot faster than the other groups, there was a common unspoken consensus to push harder so that we will not slow down. We were therefore really focused when many people were still picking pace. Finally, I think the personalities of group members would be the strongest factor attributing to such  a strong team. We are fun-natured, tolerant, responsible, which sums up 3 super important factors for an amazing group.

Honestly, I do not say that with the intention that ‘my group is better than yours’. My group, to me, is amazing. But yours can be too. I’m sure there are things worth mentioning about every single group and every group has their own strengths, I am merely stating mine.

I know Project Work is over, and for many of you, it is done and dusted, no point talking about whether it could have been better or worse. But it is different for me, Project Work has been such a wonderful journey that I will always remember and I will think about it again and again, and I already know that each time, I am going to feel more blessed and thankful.

Sending virtual hearts and hugs…

With love,


[P.S. Super unorganized blog post, I did not make an effort to think before I write but I meant everything I wrote]